Karagol Heba Plateau House, where we stayed with inner comfort during our Black Sea tour, was one of the great places that made our trip meaningful. The beauty of the landscapes we see, the taste of the food we eat, the hospitality of the people who welcome us do not end in telling. But besides that , the two days we spent in the comfort of our home after our physical fatigue were priceless. After dozens of hours on the road and tired days climbing the mountain, we turned our route to Karagöl National Park to cross the southern part of the mountain and visit glacial lakes and maybe peak. We were looking for places where we could take pictures of cars and test hybrid performance on the mountain. The end of the road, which we entered to wonder where this road is going, led us to the hill where the Karagol Heba Highland House is located. It was the first house in front of us at the end of the road. We weren’t exactly sure where we were. Big brother Burhan and big sister Saniye approached the car while we were wondering if we should return. Big brother Burhan  “come and have a tea while we are here.”after he said, I can’t remember how many minutes it took to set up a table full of delicious food.

The taste of the Ta-da ready meals we ate in the four-day camp is indisputable, but none of them can be a black cabbage dish that has touched the mother’s hand. And I don’t know if it was from big sister Saniye’s hand, the Cabbage of the garden, or from days of exhaustion, it took us less than to wipe the table than to set up the table. We spent the rest of the evening chatting and tasting Georgian wine and Caca, which big brother Burhan made, accompanied by fruit. If you go this way, go without thinking and spend a few days in the Heba Plateau House.

About Karagol Heba Plateau House

Heba Karagöl Highland House is a family-friendly accommodation with 8 rooms and 19 beds built of wood at an altitude of 2200. Suitable vehicles are needed to reach the Highland House, which is 8 km from Karagöl. We came out smoothly with the Toyata Hilux and Rav 4. Karcal, Kackar Mountains and Karagol can be viewed from the plateau. Apart from that, it’s a tremendous place to watch sunrises, especially. Especially in the morning, before the sun rises, you must wake up and watch the clouds coming from afar cover the plateau. You can find out the best photo points from Erhan, the son of big brother Burhan and big sister Saniye, who also take very good photos. Although it is close to the Macahel basin, you can visit and return to places such as Maral Falls and Gorgit Plateau on request. There are many alternative areas available for hiking lovers.

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