Kartepe Ski Center Guide | Everything You Should Know

Kartepe Ski Center Guide | Everything You Should Know

Kartepe, located in the Mashukiye District of Kocaeli, is a ski center that attracts the attention of ski lovers, especially in winter, despite its small pistes. Its proximity to Istanbul and ease of transportation are among the things that make it so attractive but it also offers a budget-friendly skiing experience. If you are a professional skier, skiing in Kartepe may not be delightful for you, but it is an extremely pleasant place for beginners. Here is a Kartepe Ski Center Guide to learn how to go to Kartepe Ski Center, where to stay in Kartepe ski center, and how to rent equipment in Kartepe.

Kartepe Ski Center Guide

Kartepe Ski Center Accomodotion & Guide

When to visit Kartepe?

The snowiest week in Kartepe is the week third of February. The most suitable times for skiing in Kartepe, which has a busy tourist flow on weekends, are during the weekdays. The pistes open at 09:00 and serve until 17:00 in the evening. On weekdays, you can come early in the morning and ski comfortably without getting into the crowd. But please note that; the place may be crowded afternoon.

How to go to Kartepe?

Kartepe is an extremely easy ski resort in terms of transportation. If you are coming from Istanbul, you can reach via the TEM highway or E5. Those who come from TEM must leave the eastern exit of Izmit and proceed in the direction of Sakarya, Sapanca and follow the signs of Masukiye and Kartepe. Those who come from Ankara should move in the direction of Izmit after leaving the Sapanca toll booths.

Is Kartepe Road Open?

Kartepe’s road is an extremely wide paved road. During the winter, the road is constantly open thanks to the intense activity of the municipality. For this reason, you can easily go with a car with winter tires on the road. But you can still consider having a chain with you for certain situations. However, especially on weekends, there are vehicles that remain on the road because of the crowd, and traffic can be mass. If you’re thinking of going over the weekend, don’t forget to consider it.

Kartepe Ski Center Guide

How much budget do you need skiing in Kartepe?

If you do not have personal equipment, your expenses will include renting ski equipment and clothing, getting a ski pass, parking, and your personal eating and drinking needs during the day. I tried to explain how much budget will be needed to ski in Kartepe, giving the average prices below. (All prices given in this article are 2020 prices.)

Kartepe ski rental prices | How much is it to ski in Kartepe?

Both when you go to Kartepe and before going to Kartepe, you can find businesses where you can rent ski equipment. The prices of businesses on the ground, I mean in Masukiye before you go up, are much more affordable than those on the hill. There is about a 15-20 TL difference between each piece of equipment. Prices for snowboarding and ski sets in places that rent in Masukiye start from 50 TL, including boots. Prices of these sets can vary depending on the year and type. Trousers and coats start at around 30 TL. Helmet, gloves, and glasses prices range from 25-35 TL. In short, it costs about 200-250 TL for a beginner who has no equipment to dress from head to toe.

Kartepe Ski Center Guide

Accommodation in Kartepe

If you want to spend your winter holiday in Kartepe, you can consider staying at the Green Park Kartepe Hotel at the summit. Before you go, it is worth looking at the hotel’s prices, but during the ski season, standard room prices for two people are usually a little high. Airbnb can be another option for affordable accommodation in Kartepe.

Affordable Accommodation in Kartepe

If you are looking for affordable accommodation in Sapanca, or if you want to stay in a local house, you can click the link and check out my cozy little apartment on Airbnb. Our studio home has a kitchen, private bathroom, living area, sleeping area, balcony, garden, and garden fireplace. There are utilities such as heating, washing machine, dishwasher, TV, hair-dryer, kettle, etc. You can check the Airbnb link for other photos.

Skipass prices in Kartepe

Skipass prices in Kartepe are interestingly very expensive. 2020 skipass fees are 120 TL per person and also a 20 TL deposit must be paid for skipass.

Food and drink in Kartepe

As in every ski resort, food and drinks in Kartepe are extremely expensive. If you do not want to pay  10 TL for tea and  25 TL for Turkish coffee, it is useful to prepare your hot drinks at home and take them with you with a thermos. If you don’t want to give 25 TL on a toast, don’t forget to take your toast with you.

Should you visit Kartepe in the summer?

At the end of the Kartepe ski center guide, I want to say a big yes to that question right away. Kartepe is generally known and preferred by people interested in snow sports in winter, but in fact, this place is also very beautiful in summer. It is very pleasant to climb up the mountain path among the lush trees and stop in some places and watch the view. There are also many walking routes in the area. You can walk comfortably on these routes. But due to tourists flocking to the area in recent years, many businesses have lost their naturalness. In the summer, almost all of the businesses here are very crowded. It is no longer considered very peaceful, as ATVs and similar vehicles tour the walking paths.

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