Activities in Sapanca | 8 Things to do in Sapanca

Activities in Sapanca | 8 Things to do in Sapanca

If you are going to Sapanca for a holiday or if you want to spend the weekend in this beautiful town there are a few things you can do to make this time even better. If you are looking for activities in Sapanca, there are great activities for you! Here is the list of things to do in Sapanca. Keep reading!

In this list, you can find perfect activities in Sapanca Lake and among Sapanca’s forests. Here are the best activities in Sapanca from canoe tours in the lake to ATV tours in the forest.

For all these activities, call +90 538 640 23 58 or text via WhatsApp to get information & make a reservation.

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What are the best activities in Sapanca? 7 things to do in Sapanca

If you have reserved your place for the weekend in Sapanca and are wondering what activities to do in Sapanca to make this even experience more enjoyable, you are in luck. In this article, you can make your short holiday more meaningful with enjoyable activities in Sapanca.

You can have an enjoyable time with activities that you can do with your friend group or partner by allocating a small budget. I chose the best Sapanca attractions for you on this list!

1.Canoeing in Sapanca Lake

Would you like to have a wonderful canoe tour of Sapanca Lake in a transparent canoe? You can both have a memorable trip and take great photos for social media at the same time. If you are looking for things to do in Sapanca, a canoe tour is one of the most amazing activities in Sapanca. If you want to enjoy the wonderful lake view in a transparent canoe, book your place now.

2.Rowing in Sapanca Lake

Another activity at the top of the things to do in Sapanca list is rowing in Sapanca Lake. If you are looking for a more sporty activity and want to learn a new sport, you should definitely try rowing in Sapanca Lake. For those who are wondering what it’s like to row in Sapanca Lake, here is a video below.

If you have never tried rowing before or if you do not exercise regularly, do not worry. Here you will first learn the basics of rowing from national athletes, and then you will have a wonderful tour of Sapanca Lake. You can join rowing lessons with your friends, either individually or in groups of up to four people. To be honest, my favorite activity among the activities to do in Sapanca is rowing.

3. Stand-Up Paddle

things to do in sapanca, activities in sapanca

Another activity in Sapanca that will make your holiday unforgettable is a stand-up paddle. Jump on your paddle and paddle to explore the beautiful lake view. If you wish, you can sit and relax when you are tired, sunbathe and enjoy the sun.

4.Sup Yoga & Sup Pilates

If you’ve never done yoga or pilates on the water before, a great experience awaits! Another activity on the list of things to do in Sapanca is to do yoga and pilates on the lake. You can have a pleasant time by doing a paddle after a relaxing session accompanied by a trainer.

5.ATV Tour in Nature

So far, we have talked about the activities you can do on the lake. Now it’s time for a pleasant tour that you can take in the wonderful forests of Sapanca, between the pathways and by the lake, of course. You can make an ATV tour of Sapanca’s wonderful nature both by yourself and as a group with your friends. Especially if you are interested in nature sports and you like adventure, you can choose this activity.


You probably know what paintball is. If you want to do this enjoyable activity with your friends on a special outdoor track, there are many places in Sapanca where you can do it. All you need to do for a pleasant paintball experience is to call and reserve your place.

7. Breakfast by the lake view

things to do in sapanca, activities in sapanca

Wouldn’t you like to watch Spanca Lake’s panoramic view in the morning? This is possible at Zeliş Çiftliği in Dibektaşı! In the peaceful atmosphere of Zeliş Çiftliği, you can watch the serene lake view and have a rich Turkish breakfast. All you need to do is make a reservation in order to experience a rich breakfast with the delicacies from Zeliş’s kitchen. You can make a reservation by calling 05336125952.

8.Skiing in Kartepe

If you come to Sapanca in winter, there are still great activities to do in Sapanca. The most enjoyable activity you can do is undoubtedly skiing or snowboarding in Kartepe. If you like snow sports, you can spend a nice weekend at Kartepe Ski Center. If you don’t like skiing, you can get on the sled and watch the scenery by taking a small lift tour. To get detailed information about Kartepe Ski Center, be sure to read this article: Information for Skiing in Kartepe

For activities to do in Sapanca, you can get information & make reservations by sending a message to +90 538 640 23 58via WhatsApp.

Affordable Accommodation in Sapanca

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I wish you a wonderful holiday in Sapanca!

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