Best Winter Destinations in Turkey | Where To See In Winter?

Best Winter Destinations in Turkey | Where To See In Winter?

As you know, Turkey is a huge geography that offers numerous opportunities for summer holidays as well as winter holidays. In fact, it is also possible to see different climatic characteristics in different cities in the same season. During the winter months, a cold climate prevails throughout the country, while the Mediterranean and Aegean regions have a milder climate. Of course, in such a magical geographical variety, we can talk about the unique beauty of each city but in this article, we will talk about the first places that come to mind when we call the best winter destinations in Turkey.

Which Cities Should Be Seen In Winter In Turkey?


Istanbul attracts attention as one of the cities to visit in both summer and winter. In Istanbul, which has many landmarks such as Ayasofya Camii (Hagia Sophia), Sultanahmet Camii(Blue Mosque), Topkapi Palace, ancient churches, you can shop in local markets and explore the prehistoric period and the east-west synthesis. Istanbul is always mobile and dynamic, regardless of the weather, as it welcomes visitors from all over the world throughout the year.


In Kars, one of the highest cities in the country with Agri, although the air temperature can drop to -40 degrees in winter, it is worth dressing floor by floor to witness the unique beauty of the city. Moreover, with the Dogu Ekspresi (Eastern Express), which has become widespread in recent years, you can travel with an unforgettable landscape experience. You can also visit Ani Harabeleri, an archaeological protected area, and ski in the Sarikamis ski resort, where is famous for its crystal snowflakes. If you are looking for the best winter destinations in Turkey, Kars is for you.


Ardahan is home to Cildir Lake, the largest source of fresh water in the Eastern Anatolia region, and therefore ranks first in the ranking of cities to see in winter in Turkey. The lake, At an altitude of 1959 meters, freezes in winter and becomes a thick layer of ice, and thousands of local and foreign tourists flock to the region every year to participate in the festivities held on the frozen lake. It is located 57 km from Ardahan and 70 km from Kars and you can reach this region with a pleasant journey in winter.

Best Winter Destinations in Turkey


Bolu is one of the most visited provinces of the Western Black Sea region. In particular, Yedigoller and Abant are the most visited natural national parks in Turkey. Although there are not many facilities in these centers, which have a magnificent texture in winter, you can experience a tremendous experience with day trips. For this reason, Bolu is at the top of the best winter destinations in Turkey list.

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Of course, Uludag comes to our mind first when it is called winter tourism but besides Uludag in Bursa, there are many other natural beauties. Gokoz Natural Park and Gursu Adrenalin Park are some of the places where you can spend time with pleasure during the winter months, especially with pleasant landscapes formed by small lakes. You can also visit Uludag, of course.

Best Winter Destinations in Turkey


 If you enjoy spending time in spa, Yalova is one of the cities that allows you to have a quiet spa holiday in winter. There are many luxury hotels in the city where you can spend your spa holiday comfortably. You should visit Yalova if you like hot water.


Cappadocia, one of the star tourist centers of the central Anatolia region, is one of the most mentioned cities in the world. In fact, the region, which can be visited in summer and winter, takes on a very different atmosphere in winter and increases with its magical air. In winter, you can visit the underground cities of the region, warm yourself with the exquisite tastes of wines, and walk in the valleys.

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