Camping fears and the ways to overcome them

Camping fears and the ways to overcome them

Tent accommodation is one of the types of accommodation where your comfort area is restricted. Staying in a tent is a passion for some, and a low-budget horror film for others. I wanted to prepare a post for those who are afraid of staying in the tent and I did a survey on instagram. I found out why people are afraid of staying in tents, camping, what are the most feared things and I’ve prepared this post. If you are afraid of other things you can share with us in the comments. Here are common camping fears and explanations that may help you to overcome these fears.

Common Camping Fears

Why are some afraid of staying in tent?

We have all heard this cliché at least once in our lives: People are afraid of what they don’t know the most. I asked those who said I am afraid to stay in the tent. Why are you afraid? I will try to answer the causes of fear, and try to explain my reliefing methods, if any.

What if a wild animal attacks?

If the fear of encountering wild animals is at the base of your fear of camping, you don’t have to worry. Because wild animals do not attack you unless extreme conditions occur. They won’t even come closer to you. You are unlikely to encounter wild animals in the camps. There is almost no chance of being attacked by wild animals. However, if you say I’m shaking, you can  read more about wild animals in the camps. However, if your fears about wild animals persist, you can camp in a private campsite instead of an open terrain.

What if an insect stings?

Camping is a concept in which we are in more contact with nature, soil, flowers, insects than we normally do. Therefore, we may be mingled with insects that we are not normally used to seeing. There are always possibilities such as insect bites and fly bites. But no living thing in nature deliberately bites you, intentionally, just to be annoying. First of all, during your camping, you must keep the door of your tent closed, but only open it when you go in and out. Before you enter your tent, you can shake your body gently and touch it with your hands to let things fall on you.

One thing we can do to protect ourselves from insect bites is to deploy our campsite away from visible nests. But that doesn’t prevent bugs from coming to our campsite. Wearing long sleeved T-shirts and long trousers is another thing that can protect you from insect stings. If you are very concerned, you can obtain commercially available insect and fly repellent spray or wristbands, or you can apply natural insect repellents, such as rosemary oil, to certain parts of your body.

If you receive first aid training and get a first aid kit, you can feel a little bit more comfortable with this kind of things. At least you know what to do if this happens.

What if people bother?

Our two-legged friends are perhaps one of the biggest causes of camping fears . And unfortunately, there are not many measures to be taken against these friends. If you are afraid of intruders coming to your camp, the easiest thing you can do is camping in a private camping area. It is also important to pay attention to the environmental conditions when camping outdoors. If you smell human urine or see empty bullets or rifle casings, drink bottles, too much cigarette stubs, it is better not to camp there.

Again, to protect yourselfs from people you can carry pocket knife, shock device, or things like pepper spray but these things might be used against you too. In this case it is best to avoid unpleasant encounters.

Group Camps

If the idea of ​​camping alone makes you uneasy, joining group camps at least for your first camps can be useful for both getting used to the environment and gaining experience. For this, you can convince your friends to camp, or you can participate in the activities of groups that are already organizing mass camps.

Most people complain about the lack of friends to camp. Choosing reliable groups on social media to find friends for camping can be a good start. After attending a few camping activities, you can find like-minded friends.

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