Sleep Comfortably While Camping

Sleep Comfortably While Camping

No matter what your purpose of camping is, camping may tire your body although it lets your mind rest. Even if you don’t do anything else, you’re making effort more than your normal while installing your tent, inflating your mat, tidying your place up or chopping wood. Considering also the fresh air, feeling tired is inevitable. No matter if you’re tired of organising your camping area or a nature activity, it’s extremely normal that you want to take a good nap. Before getting into the things to do to sleep comfortably while camping let’s take a look at the tools help us spend a comfortable night. 

Which Equipment Should We Buy to Sleep Comfortably While Camping? 

Of course our camping equipment comes first among the things we should care about to sleep comfortably while camping in nature. Suitability of our camping equipment is maybe the most important factor that affects the quality of our sleep.

Tent matters

Camping tent is one of the most important camping equipments. Make sure you choose the right tent for your activity. Check “Tips to choose a camping tent” article to learn more.

Make sure you found the right mat 

Sleeping comfortably in the camp is directly related to your mat. The better your mat is, the higher the possibbility of sleeping comfortably is. If you are used to the comfort of your house, I suggest you to choose an inflatable mat. Another material which can create the feeling of a bed is bedchair. Using both inflatable mat and bedchair by putting a sponge mat underneath provides a quite efficient isolation. If you like firm soil, you can choose a sponge mat. Using more than one sponge mat in cold weathers will be reasonable.

If you are using inflatable mat, take it out of the bag as soon as you installed your tent. If you don’t do so, when the air that is stuck gets back its previous state, the performance of isolation decreases because of remaining in the carrier bag for a long time.

Love your sleeping bag, take good care of it

As I always say, sleeping bag is one of the most important materials of camps. You want neither a sleeping bag that makes you feel cold nor one that makes you sweat. That’s why make sure that you selected your sleeping bag according to the properties of your camp and your body. For detailed information you can read the post about choosing the right sleeping bag.  

Keep your equipment dry

As you know, it’s an absolute must that your equipment be dry all night long. Therefore, protect your equipment from the droplets that might be formed inside. For this purpose, keep the vents of your tent open during the night.

Suggestions to Sleep Comfortably While Camping

Do whatever it takes to stay warm

There is nothing more important than a reasonable temperature to sleep comfortably during the night. I know that you don’t want to wake from your sleep feeling cold in the middle of the night. Staying warm is not just for your comfort but it’s crucial especially in winter camps. You can take a look at my suggestions to stay warm in winter camps. 

What can you eat to keep you warm?

Yes! Eating habits affect your temperature. If the last meal you eat before sleeping is fatty, it’s going to help you stay warm all night. Because your body generates more heat while burning these fatty foods. 

Don’t go into your sleeping bag sweatily

I’ve told that the key to a successful camp sleep is to be dry. The possible wetnesses mentioned here are not just the ones coming from outside. Don’t go into your sleeping bag sweatily after a long walk or another activity. If possible, change your clothes before going into the sleeping bag. Otherwise, you may have wake because of the moisture coming from the clothes that are trying to dry by using the heat of your body.

Drink warmish beverages instead of hot ones

If you think that drinking somethings to get warm before sleeping would be good for you, prefer warmish drinks instead of hot ones. Because hot drinks may cause you to sweat.

Keep other living creatures away from youespecially the winged ones

Another thing that might be annoying during the night is our small friends who are buzzing around and irritating us. If you want to sleep comfortably in the camp, be careful about where to install your tent. Especially, stay away from places near puddles and regions near swamps. Choose oderless cosmetic products like deodorant and cream. Such odors attract our flying friends like a magnet. Mosquitos especially don’t like the smell of sage tea and rosemary. You can try to throw some of these into your camping fire.

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