The Best Bays in Turkey |7 Paradise Bays

The Best Bays in Turkey |7 Paradise Bays

Turkey, which a continent surrounded by seas on three sides; has a fairly indented coastline due to the geological features it has. It is one of the top beach destinations for sure. There are also lots of secret beached as much as public beaches. In the Coastal Aegean and Western Mediterranean, it is possible to mention that certain places are not suitable for life. For example; Kalkan town in Kas district of Antalya, it is separated by a coastline that is almost never used and similar situations can be encountered in almost every coastal part. (These parts are only reachable by boat.) Since some bays are not accessible by road, no one is even aware of them. Especially in small bays, only boats can go, which allows them to preserve the beauty they have. Well, it is possible to have some difficulties while choosing the the best bays in Turkey for sure. Now let’s look at the most popular bays.

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The Best Bays in Turkey

Adrasan Bay

Adrasan Bay is located in Antalya and it is quite close to the center of Kas. In addition, it has a 2 km long beach. This bay merges with Olympos and Cirali, which are located a little further from itself, and becomes a coastline that is many kilometers long and it is possible to make a great holiday in this area where there are no large facilities.

The Best Bays in Turkey

Bencik Bay

Bencik Bay between Marmaris and Gokova has a unique natural environment that can be reached from the sea, which has maintained its natural features due to the fact that access is impossible. Boat tours often visit here.

Ekincik Bay

Ekincik is located where Koycegiz Lake flows into the sea by passing the Dalyan canal; it is a bay that boat owners know very well, but access from land is quite difficult. It is one of the least visited bays of the region, where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet.

The Best Bays in Turkey

Ovabuku Bay

Datca maybe it is one of the tourism regions with the cleanest sea in the world. But even here, choices are made to determine where the cleanest and most beautiful places are. Ovabuku Bay is one of the world-famous bays of Datca. As in the whole of Datca, there is a rocky coast here, so people who are looking for sand floors in the sea will only have to settle for its cleanliness.

The Best Bays in Turkey

Akvaryum Bay

As can be understood from its name, the Akvaryum (Aquarium), which is one of the most admired bays of Datca along with Ovabuku, has a sea water that can be seen with the naked eye in meters of depth. This bay is also one of the best bays in Turkey indeed. We are talking about a hidden paradise where you can see a large number of fish species by the eye, which is protected so that the region can maintain these characteristics.

The Best Bays in Turkey

Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay, one of the bays in Fethiye, is a bay visited by campers and boats and retains its natural features in its entirety. The Bay, located on the Likya Yolu (Lycian Way), welcomes a large number of visitors, but is very well protected even by visitors. Because such a miracle is defined as the common value of all humanity.

The Best Bays in Turkey

Buyuk Cati Bay

If a ranking is to be made, the Buyuk Cati Bay, which will lead the list of the most beautiful bays in Turkey, is located in the most forest position of the Gulf of Gokova and it has an indentation shape. Of course, there is no land access to the Bay. In this way, the Bay can maintain its naturalness.

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