Tips For Train Travel In India

Tips For Train Travel In India

Traveling by train in India is one of the hardest things in the world. There are billions of people traveling by train each day. I’ve listed few things may be useful for you during your train travels in India. Here are some tips for train travel in India .

Tips For Train Travel In India

  1. Download Indian Railway app on your smartphone.
  1. Be sure your ticket is confirmed. There is something called ‘the waitlist’ and this facility allows you to book a ticket but doesn’t provide you with a seat or bed which means you can only have a seat or bed if there is enough cancellations.
  1. If you want to buy your ticket from train stations you will need the copy of your passport.
  1. If you have a luggage to carry in baggage your passport and copy of your passport are required.
  1. Be careful about the station names. Especially big cities like Delhi have more than one train stations which cause a little bit confusion.
  2. If you have luggage to put to baggage part, make sure they take your luggage and load it. If possible, wait until the door is locked. While you are leaving the train, make sure you get your luggage back.

    It is very important!

    Once, in Delhi, while we were leaving the train, person in charge denied we have a luggage even the fact that we showed him legal papers issued by train station and he tried to steal our bikes. He gave green flag to the train which lets train move. At this moment we were shocked and everything happened quickly. We had to run after the train, cut the seal of baggage part so that train had to stop. When train stopped we called the police. Police didn’t help us because they didn’t speak English. There were soldiers arrived and solved our problem after an hour. It was the most frightening moment I could remember.

  3. Keep the legal papers issued for your luggage until your travel ends and don’t give it to no-one until you get your luggage back.
  1. Buy lots of water.
  1. Buy enough food before. The food they sell at the stations are not good.
  1. Make sure you have wet wipes, toilet paper and sanitizer with you.
  1. Buy sleeper tickets if you will go more than 6 hours.
  1. There are different types of sleepers. If you buy the cheapest sleeper there are only thin mattress. No sheets. So there will be some memories from the people who have slept there before. If it is impossible for you to sleep there, it’s better to have your own sheet with you.
  2. Be careful with your belongings while you are sleeping. Don’t leave anything near windows! When train stops there lots of hands coming in through windows!
  3. Don’t eat or drink anything offered by someone else. Just don’t do it.

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