Artworks in George Town, Penang Island | Malaysia

Artworks in George Town, Penang Island | Malaysia

In order to go to Penang Island, I came to Hat Yai from Bangkok by hitchiking. From here, again by hitchhiking, I went to Malaysia through Sadao Border Gate. Actually, there is a train that shuttles on this route. That train goes from Bangkok to Pedang Besar station in Malaysia. The price of this 12-hour travel that has only wagon-lit option was 900 Baht, at the time I was there. (In 2017) As I have enough time, I chose to hitchhike instead of taking the train. Well, I didn’t spend so much time at Malaysia, only 3 days at George Town. So I will be showing you more about the artworks in George Town streets.

Penang Island George Town

George Town was recorded to be of the most interesting places I’ve ever seen. It was a quite fascinating place with its two and three-storey houses, and colorful streets. On the other hand, it was too crowded. There were backpackers everywhere.

Where to Stay In George Town?

If you are a backpacker who loves spending time with locals and prefer to use non-paid apps for accommodation, I must say that Couchsurfing and Warmshowers are not good options to use in George town.But don’t worry there are so many hostels in this area. I guess I’ve never seen so much hostels, all together. The hostel prices were in a range from $6 to $15 per night, per person. In this respect, it can be said that George Town is a little expensive when comparing to other parts of Malaysia. You can also check Airbnb to find best hostels and beautiful villas near George Town.

You can click here and check Airbnb rentals around George Town. If you are looking for a uniqe place to stay or traveling with family and friends Airbnb offers quite affordable prices. If you click the link above and make a reservation, I may may earn a commission without no additional cost for you. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Penang Island Artworks in George Town Streets

The best activity in George Town is to get a city map, walk the streets one by one and see lots of beautiful drawings. You’ll never know what’s going to come out from the side streets.

Artworks in George Town
Artworks in George Town
Artworks in George Town dinosaur
Artworks in George Town motorbike child
Artworks in George Town bicycle
heart Artworks in George Town
Artworks in George Town Mozart grand Swiss otel
Artworks in George Town
Artworks in George Town
Artworks in George Town

The Way Back to Thailand from Malaysia

I’m writing down these especially because I was terrified by what I heard about the the way back to Thailand. I had heard that it was necessary to carry 20.000 Baht cash to enter Thailand by land; otherwise, you can’t cross the border. Bribery is an option too. That’s why I kept some cash with me. But I was worried that somethings might go wrong. From Malaysia, I went to Sadao Border Gate to enter Thailand. The gate was so crowded that I wondered how they could ask for money or bribe. After waiting in the passport line for nearly 1 hour, I found out that foreigners enter from a different line. They took me into a room. After some paperwork, somebody stamped my passport and wished me good night. I was so sure they would ask for money that I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t. Later on, I found out that you need to pay 20.000 Baht if you cross the same border gate for the second time. 

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