Best India Routes for Short Trips

Best India Routes for Short Trips

India is quite a large country in terms of acreage. When this fact and various beautiful cities join together, naturally, it becomes difficult to make choices for short-time trips to India. If you are going to take a trip to India for a short period of time, then you can spend a quality time visiting the cities that you think might attract your attention most. That’s excatly why I’ve written Best India Routes for Short Trips blog post. Apart from the routes here, you can prepare hundreds of route combinations by yourself after determining the cities that you are interested in. While creating these routes, choosing places that have direct rail connection between would be beneficial for you not to worry about the time.

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5 routes for short trips in India

Best India Routes for Short Trips

Delhi-Jaipur-Agra: Golden Triangle

The Indian route named “Golden Triangle” that involves Delhi, Jaipur and Agra is one of the most preffered routes. Since these three cities are close to each other and it is easy to shuttle by train, “Golden Triangle” is one of the most easy routes to follow for the ones who want to see the most famous structures and experience the spirit of India. Usually, the tours, which start from New Delhi and visit Jaipur and Agra in order and end in New Delhi again, are planned to continue one week and the round-trip flights are from New Delhi.

Mumbai-Goa-Kerala: Beach Tour

Another route that I consider as one of the best India routes for short trips is Mumbai, Goa and Kerala tour, which I call beach tour. Especially the ones, who have already seen the general structure of India before and want to try a different experince, can follow the beach route and have a very different India experience. As the distances between the cities are long on this route, it is more reasonable to buy the round-trip tickets from Mumbai and Kerala.

Best India Routes for Short Trips


Despite the fact that “Golden Triangle” is the most popular route of India, I believe that Varanasi is also one of the most worth-seeing places. Unfortunately, the routes that include Varanasi don’t give you any chance to go back where you started because of the acreage. Thus, the one way tickets must be bought from different places.


Since Jaipur would be left in the wrong direction, I had excluded it from the previous route but then I couldn’t feel comfortable. The route can surely be followed in this way if you have the time for a couple of days more. Stopping by Jaipur is not that much waste of time. What’s more, the transportation is very easy as there are train accesses to all these cities. But again, it’s better to buy the plane tickets from different places.

Best India Routes for Short Trips


After Delhi, one of the most crowded cities of India, if you want to go somewhere quiet and known as the world’s yoga center, Rishikesh will be waiting for you in the north. Both for experiencing yoga and for being close to the places where Ganj River was born, Rishikesh is the right destination. In Amritsar, you can gain a wide knowledge about the Sikhs and experince a different India.

Other India Routes

Here, I just wanted to give you the routes which involve the most famous regions and which are appropriate for short-time trips. Apart from these, there are hundreds of route combinations that you can choose considering the cities that you are keen to see. If you are struggling with deciding which city to visit, you can have a look at “Cities to see in India” and “Structures in India worth seeing” posts. Don’t forget to share your routes with us.

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