Best Ski Destinations In Turkey | Top 10 Ski Resorts

Best Ski Destinations In Turkey | Top 10 Ski Resorts

In summer, we visited the Aegean coast, and now it’s time to enjoy the winter. Turkey, where all four seasons are experienced, also opens its doors to winter activities until the end. In winter, you can experience winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing in different ski resorts; or you can simply make a fat snowperson in a beautiful landscape. Come on, let’s see where the best ski destinations in Turkey are all together.



Uludag, the oldest established ski resort in Turkey, is a tourist center with quite extensive ski facilities built at an altitude of 2,500 meters. An accommodation facility at the summit serves year-round. Uludag ski resort has a total of 24 pistes. This ski resort is located next to Bursa. It is also easily accessible from Istanbul.


Kartalkaya, located in Bolu, is a frequently visited ski resort due to its proximity to both Istanbul and Ankara. The center has 21 pistes. A large number of tourist facilities in the area offer food and drink and accommodation services. Kartalkaya’s surroundings have a breathtaking natural beauty and you can go even just to watch the view.


Erciyes, where is located 25 kilometers from the center of Kayseri and has a new structure, has snowy areas almost every month of the year with its height approaching 3 thousand meters. Erciyes, also an inactive volcanic mountain, is the highest peak in Anatolia. Erciyes Ski Center, which is spread over an extremely large area, with 32 pistes, is one of the largest facilities in the region and one of the best ski destinations in Turkey.

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Sarikamis, the second region in the world with crystal snow features, is located at an altitude of 2,600 meters and although its facilities are old and the number of pistes is small, it is widely preferred due to the feature of the snow type. You can have a quiet ski holiday in Sarıkamış, which is 55 km from the center of Kars.

best ski destinations in Turkey


Palandoken, a ski resort located at an altitude of 3,200 meters, is home to the best slopes of Turkey. Just like Sarikamis, there are 22 pistes in the ski center with a snow type close to the crystallized form. This mountain is also very easy to reach, as it is located about 15 km from Erzurum airport. It is the only ski resort that guarantees artificial snow against unexpected weather conditions.


Saklikent, where is Located 45 km from Antalya,  has a large facility infrastructure. If you go to Saklikent, the highest point of which is 2,550 meters in April, you can go to the sea at Konyaalti beach and ski a few hours later. It also has the opportunity to explore the enormous sights in the surrounding area. Don’t neglect to see the canyon views if you visit this area.

best ski destinations in Turkey


Kartepe is located a few hours from Istanbul and is a modest Center, which is the choice of many city residents as a weekend event. It is not preferred by professional skiers due to the small number of pistes and the shortness of their pistes. But due to its natural texture and easy transportation, the area is widely preferred by other people.

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Davraz, a ski resort at an altitude of 2,600 meters, is one of the best ski destinations in Turkey with its pistes approaching 25 km. Davraz, located 26 km from Isparta, in the center where you can ski with a very high quality snow type as well as a soft climate, there are also tourism facilities specially designed for ski tourism.

best ski destinations in Turkey


Ilgaz Ski Center, located within the boundaries of Ilgaz National Park, serves a total of four pistes suitable for different levels. The ski resort, which also has many accommodation facilities, is about 40 km from the center of Kastamonu. Ilgaz National Park is also very pleasant to watch the sights that you cannot get enough of.


Salda Ski Center, located at an altitude of 2079 meters, is located 77 km from center of Burdur and 17 km from Salda Lake. The ski resort has 5 pistes, the longest of which is 1600 meters and the shortest is 500 meters. At the Salda Ski Center, you can ski with views of Salda Lake.

In addition to the above in the list of best ski destinations in Turkey, there are many smaller winter tourism centers that I did not include in the list. When choosing a location, I recommend that you examine the characteristics of the centers in detail and make sure that they will meet your needs.

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